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Appointments are booked every 3rd Tuesday and Wednesday of the month. Availability opens one week (7 days) prior.

Appointments are booked by you. There is no waiting list.

I look forward to meeting you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What bus is closest to the salon?

Bus 15 drops off and picks up right around the corner.

What is the Salon Information?

821 SE 34th Ave Portland, OR 97214 // 503-231-7646

Can I bring my children?

I ask that you do not bring your children. However, babies in a stroller and children old enough to read or use screens and sit quietly can be accommodated. 

Who is this for?

These appointments are reserved for community members that are in need of a haircut for a specific reason. (Example: A job interview, court case)

If you do not fall into that category and still want your hair cut, I trust that you will make the right decision. I will not question you about this during our appointment. 

Do I have to talk during my haircut?

You do not have to converse with me during your appointment. This is your time to relax and enjoy yourself. However, I will need answers to specific questions throughout the appointment concerning your hair.

Do you have a private area for cutting hair?

There is privacy avaible during your appointment. 

Alexandra Greenberg

Professional Hair Stylist

I received my license in 2008. I consider working with hair my creative outlet. I care deeply that my community has access to relaxing and enjoyable experiences. I want you to feel welcomed in my space and leave feeling great!

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