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You know what you want your life to look like, but you continually feel like your derailing yourself. And if someone gave you a nickel for every time you say you should be doing something, you would be rich!  Its time to change that and truly get on the path of optimal health and well being.  My vision is that you have a Self-Care system that works, a high level of Self-Confidence, and a deep love and understanding for where you are right now.




This is no cookie-cutter process. My program is uniquely customized to cater to your challenges, goals, and what you need most to build the foundation for everlasting change. I meet you exactly where you are right now. I hold you accountable as we introduce techniques and tools that will change your life forever.
I believe my clients know the shifts that need to be made, and it’s having someone like myself in your corner, holding you accountable as you take these much need steps. I’m ready to support you.
Imagine tossing out the masks you wear and being free to be yourself – with your children, your partner, friends, and at work.
Imagine showing up as your best self for your family and the impact that will have on who your children will become.
Let’s get to work!






When you do the work, your true self will shine. You will learn how to refill your energy tank, naturally. You no longer will feel sick and tired of being sick and tired. You will know what foods you can eat and when, how to re-engage your parasympathetic nervous system, and have a set of tools to combat your anxiety and worry. Feelings of being lost without direction part with ease, because you are manifesting your personal journey and not waiting for it to happen. You construct a mind, body, and heart that work in coherence so your goals can be reached with success.


My approach is to bring tough love and empathy. When you work with me you get a fierce advocate, a shoulder to cry on, and knowledgeable resource. I will help you get clear on what you want and help you build the bridge to get there. I will help deepen your learning about your health and wellbeing and forward your action with intention. I will help you get unstuck when you hit your walls and celebrate you when you’ve achieved a milestone.  More than anything, I will be a reflection in the mirror that will help you see just how loved and lovable you are and how putting yourself first is not only what you deserve, but how it really supports everyone around you.

 "My second child was around 4 months old when I contacted Alexandra and started her program.

I was very exhausted due to sleep deprivation, had poor eating habits, and had no energy. It felt like I was trapped and could not find a way out. Every change I attempted ended up in less sleep and less power.

With Alexandra's Ayurvedic coaching sessions (plus the homework), I started to become more aware of what I needed to change. It started with small things like learning what Dosha I am, what foods are best for me, and what spices I should be using. Then we went on to find exercises that helped me get out of my trap and feel more energetic! The exercises "dip into joy" and the self-massage, Abhyanga, with warm oils made me feel calmer and have more peace in my heart. Even though everything around me (kids, husband, preparations to go back to work)  seemed to be collapsing. After working with Alexandra I became much more aware of what I am eating and the signs my body gives me when I am not OK. I plan meals and do not buy random food in the supermarket as I did before. I externalize and talk more to my partner about what is bothering.

With Alexandra, I learned how important and beautiful it is to meditate. It is still quite stressful with two kids, work, and my own expectations, but now I know tools to bring me back to the person I really want to be. I strongly recommend working with Alexandra!"

E.P. // Biologist, Berlin

"I really had no idea what to expect when I started my 6-week Mind, Body, Spirit Challenge, but it was an amazing journey! 

Alexandra helped me set up my goals for the challenge and was always there to talk me through any difficulties. Not just the goals related directly to my Mind, Body, and Spirit, but also the ones that were hindering me as an individual. She gave me all sorts of insights into the Ayurvedic world that have helped me change my daily rituals. For example, I have started using Nasya Oil, which has helped my allergies immensely!

On a larger scale, Alexandra helped me get over my trepidations about meditation (something I had tried once or twice and decided it was too difficult and not worth the time). I continue to meditate almost daily. This helps me both accept and overcome the stresses of daily life in a way that I did not believe could be so simple!

I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to start my journey with Alexandra and I would highly recommend it for anyone else that is interested in starting on a path to better themselves physically, mentally, or spiritually."

C.R. // Middle School Science Teacher, California 

"I was really skeptical about Ayurveda going into my consultation with Alexandra and appreciated her willingness to meet me where I was at.

Because certain components of the Ayurvedic practice do not resonate with me, Alexandra focused in on what I was looking for.

She helped me figure out a skin ritual that has worked better than anything else I've tried (including fancy products like Kiehl's and Dermologica), and suggested a practice called couples Abhyanga, which is basically rubbing each other with oil before a night time shower. This ritual has felt really grounding and nurturing for my partner and I and helps us stay connected when life gets hectic.

Additionally, Alexandra works towards queer/trans inclusivity as well as promoting health at all sizes.

I felt extremely cared for and respected in my body and personhood during my consultation with Alexandra and would recommend her!"

R.Q. // Registered Nurse, New York

"I approached Alexandra at GreenTree Ayurveda because I was having issues with digestion and family circumstances that were having an I'll effect on my health. 

Alexandra helped me to focus in on what was important to me, what aligned with my values & beliefs, & showed me that it was ok to set boundaries and I could still be a nice person.

The result was the self-confidence to choose things for my life that added fullness instead of agreeing to be idle in a life based around the wants of others.

She was very one on one with me. Caring but firm enough to make me do the hard work and dig inward. She truly saw me through her heart and tried different ways to find solutions. {My digestion was not an easy problem to tackle!

I found the experience of working with Alexandra to be rewarding & Insightful. She really helped me funnel and edit things that were important and not important. She helped me to learn more about myself and my wants and needs.

Since then I have continued to go back to things I learned with Alexandra and utilize tools I gained from our time together. I have also remained in contact with her and she is always willing to give me her feedback or opinions.

I would recommend Alexandra to people who need help with overall health slow or unreliable digestion issues. Those who may need help with direction in life or just confused with life goals. Those who may be having a hard time finding their own voice within a relationship.

Alexandra is such a warm caring person you feel listened to and you know that she is listening and helping from a genuine place. I still think of her as a valued person in my life even though I moved away from Oregon. I am certain if I ever get overwhelmed or disconnected I would not hesitate to call upon Alexandra & Green Tree Ayurveda to help get me back to my center."

D.M. // Respiratory Therapist, Oregon 


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