This is no cookie-cutter process. My program is uniquely customized to cater to your challenges, goals, and what you need most to build the foundation for everlasting change. I meet you exactly where you are right now. I hold you accountable as we introduce tools that will change your life forever!

I believe you know the shifts that need to be made and have the capacity to do it. I will stand in your corner, guiding you as you take these much need steps. Show up as your best self for your family AND for yourself!

I’m ready to support you!

The work is not linear.

We circle back to what you need when you need it.

Are you experiencing?

  • Are you frustrated with Western Medicine that proves over and over that it doesn’t have the answers you need? Are you confused about how to integrate a more holistic approach into your personal healthcare?
  • Do you find emotions like anger and frustration arise all too regularly with your loved ones? Or perhaps find yourself lonely and sad when you want to be cherishing and enjoying time with your children and family? 
  • Do you live with anxiety and sometimes wonder if you might be unraveling? (Don’t worry, you’re not!) Not recognizing who is looking back in the mirror?
  • Do you advise everyone around you (especially your children) to go after their dreams and speak their truth, but find it very challenging to do so for yourself? Have you gotten so used to “playing it safe” that you feel disconnected from your intuition and life-force?



Results From Self Rituals Program


  • Get comfortable with holistic medicine so you can create a unique blueprint for whole-life wellness. Through Ayurvedic Medicine, you will cultivate a new relationship with your body and a self-care routine that you love! You’ll feel strong, healthy, and excited to continue your healing journey!
  • Learn and practice the art of controlling your emotions and showing up for others with presence and patience. Find the joy and fulfillment in your relationships again, while also honoring yourself.
  • Shift your narrative to one that is grounded in authentic expansion because you are living in your truth! Learn to move through feelings of anxiety and worry with creativity and ease.
  • Stand in your POWER! Harmonize your mind, body, and heart as you practice the art of living your truth and whole-heartedly trusting your intuition. Reconnect to your unique and authentic desires as you reimagine and create the life you want to live!

I am certain if I ever get overwhelmed or disconnected I would not hesitate to call upon Alexandra and GreenTree Ayurveda to help get me back to my center.

D.M. // Respiratory Therapist, Oregon

I felt extremely cared for and respected in my body and personhood with Alexandra and would recommend her!

R.Q. // Registered Nurse, New York

With Alexandra, I learned how important and beautiful it is to meditate.

E.P. // Biologist, Berlin

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