SELF RITUALS: An Ayurvedic Experience 

Jan 28th – Feb 1st

Did you start your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions strong, but already feel them slipping away?

Do you know that rituals are “good for you” but you haven’t adopted any regular routines that will hugely benefit your wellness?

Are you craving routines, groundedness, and a greater sense of joy in your life?

Then this Facebook experience is for you.

As humans, we all crave ritual and yet sometimes creating and sustaining them in our lives is a challenge. 

Now is the time to make room for your self-love, self-esteem, and self-care!

This experience will give you personal rituals that will promote a clear mind, ground your nervous system, and keep you invested in your New Year’s resolution!  

Level 1 : FREE

  • Ritual & Routine Guides
  • 5 Informational Webinars, 5:30 pm Daily
  • 2 Guest Speakers, 6:00 pm Wednesday & Thursday
  • Ayurvedic Fundementals


Level 2: $ 47


  • Everything from Level 1
  • 10 + Delicious Recipes to Calm your Nervous System
  • Spices & Herbs to Strengthen Your Digestion
  • More





Guest Speakers:

Asrael Zemenick

Asrael compassionately guides her clients on their journey to wellness, in person and online all over the world. She embraces the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and integrates it with deep intuition to create a powerful space for healing and transformation. Her greatest joy is seeing others grow into the light of their true selves. Asrael weaves together the wisdom of Vedic Spiritual Counselling, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices, Healing Light Yoga, Jyotish Astrology, and Ancient Energy Work to the unique needs of the individual and time. ,

The Radiant Self

The essence of Ayurveda is truly connecting with and trusting the truth of our being. In this powerful offering, Asrael Zemenick will support us in strengthening and nourishing our connection to our self.  We will be invited to move into a sense of attunement with our purpose, stepping away from the “do-er”, and moving into the space of radiance, flow, and empowerment that is our birthright. We will explore sacred rituals and practices of pranayama, guided meditation and mudra to remind ourselves of who and what we truly are.

Thursday 31st, 6:00 pm


Zarah Darling

As a Magic + Awareness Catalyst and #vanlife dweller, Zarah has crisscrossed the lower United States camping, exploring nature, and holding client sessions in the middle of nowhere. Her superpowers are perceiving lies and, unrelated, creating free-style analogies. With her international client base, Zarah guides those who have forgotten their magic, but knows something more is still possible. They are called Seekers and seem to feel just a bit out of place in the world ( that’s ‘cuz they’re here to change it!). Sign up for her mailing list to receive a sample session, her gift to you. We need the gift of you on this planet! 

How Asking The Right Questions Can Shift Your Goals Into Reality

By understanding the different strengths and weaknesses of your brains and how it functions, you can out-maneuver limitations, stuck points of view, procrastination, and stinking thinking that gets in the way of reaching your goals. With pragmatic tools and a fun approach to working around the usual pitfalls of your brain, you can begin to set goals and reach them with ease. This webinar will introduce tools to identify and shift between brain functions; allow you to harness what you know in new ways, and leave you with a new view of your goals and what is possible in your life.

Wednesday 30th, 6:00 pm

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