Self Rituals Program

It Starts With Your Health

Action Time is now

Do you often feel lost and alone as you try to separate yourself from your role as ”Mother?” Constantly second-guessing your decisions and saying “yes” to everyone but yourself?

Integrate your role as mother and woman as you find your “F%$k Yes!” Create confidence and self-trust as you lean into strong and meaningful connections with your family and community.

Do you live with mysterious digestive issues? Perhaps you have experimented with diets and removing foods, but you still feel confused and betrayed by your body?

Understand what your body is telling you. Make compassionate and intentional decisions that will greatly benefit your health and wellbeing. Your body doesn’t have to be a mystery!

Working with me will allow you to avoid common pitfalls and pivot quickly towards positive action for your mind, body, and heart.

I found the experience of working with Alexandra to be rewarding and insightful. She really helped me funnel and edit things that were important.

D.M. // Respiratory Therapist, Oregon

I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to start my journey with Alexandra and I would highly recommend it for anyone else that is interested in starting on a path to better themselves physically, mentally, or spiritually.

C.R. // Middle School Science Teacher, California

Make Yourself a Priority.

I certainly will.


I felt extremely cared for and respected in my body and personhood with Alexandra and would recommend her!”

R.Q. // Registered Nurse, New York

Alexandra gave me all sorts of insights into the Ayurvedic world that have helped me change my daily rituals.”

E.P. // Biologist, Berlin

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