A 30-minute interview series with Holistic Health Leaders: Insight Into Wellness weaves together techniques, tools, and showcases the ways holistic wellness is saving lives.

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Guest: Asrael Zemenick
Ayurvedic & Spiritual Guide

Breath, Nourish, Expand, Awaken

Asrael Zemenick is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Vedic Spiritual Counsellor, and Yoga Teacher whose passion is to support people as they are awakening into themselves. She works one-on-one with clients worldwide; is the creator and teacher of the Pranic Healing Training Program, and is an adjunct professor for New World Ayurveda Practitioner Program and its Consciousness Mentorship Program.  Asrael credits her deep connection to both spirit and nature as the integral piece to her own growth

Connect with Asrael HERE to learn more!

Guest: Shannon Curtis
Naturopathic Doctor

Choosing A Naturopathic Doctor 

Shannon is a registered naturopathic doctor, holistic pelvic floor therapist, and Maya abdominal therapy practitioner. Shannon views symptoms as the body’s attempt to communicate when it is imbalanced and like nature, is wise and will heal itself given the right conditions. She supports you while you do the healing. Her passion is helping people reconnect to Nature and to themselves so that they can reclaim health and vitality, experience more energy and joy, and feel more engaged with their life.

Connect with Shannon HERE to learn more!

Guest: Karen Adamski
Shaman & Crystal Healer 

It Shamanic Healing In Our Modern World 

Karen Adamski is a Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Creatively Fit Coach, artist, and teacher. Today, Karen works with clients from all over the world to bring them healing in the form of vibrational medicine, meditation, art, nature, color, kindness and much more.  By sharing with others to break out of molds, and to walk in beauty on their own paths, Karen has helped hundreds of people understand the ease and simplicity of grounding and healing with vibration and energy.

Connect with Karen HERE to learn more!

Guest: Even Dumas
Mental Health Humorist 

It’s OK To Feel Lost

Evan Dumas works in the space between mental health therapy and standup comedy, he speaks to groups large and small about the heavy stuff—with humor and lightness. His aim is to help workers everywhere cope with the occupational hazards of burnout and compassion fatigue. By addressing systemic issues both external and internalized, he helps people better understand their relationships to themselves and their work.

Connect with Evan HERE to learn more!

Guest: Nicole Kleemann
Creative Leadership Coach

The Wisdom Of Saying No

Nicole works with women who are ready to make a significant change to go after what they truly want in their life and career. She blends coaching with her international leadership experience at Google in customer service, sales and advertising. Nicole’s work is founded on the principle that we have all the wisdom and power in us to achieve what we truly want in life. Nothing makes her happier than seeing women empowered to transform their lives and careers to be more meaningful and fulfilling.

Connect with Nicole HERE to learn more!

Guest: Julia McGarey
Parent Coach

Caring For Highly Sensitive Children

Julia has been working with children of all ages since 1998 and has a master’s degree in Human Development and Education. She became a mother in 2015, and through her own journey, realized the best way to provide long term support to children was to support their parents. She works to help parents minimize power struggles and unwanted behaviors while finding more joy and ease in their relationships with their children. 

Connect with Julia HERE to learn more!


Guest: Serena Smith-Williams
Holistic Health Coach

Detox 101 For Your Kids 

Serena is the Simple Holistic Girl behind both The SHG Community, LLC and The SHG Blog. Serena is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Holistic Wellness Professional. As a mom she has found there are so many toxins right inside our homes that we are exposed to every day. That same toxic exposure can wreak havoc on our health and general wellbeing. Serena is all about helping moms detox your home, one room at a time.

Connect with Serna HERE and start your kiddo’s detox 101!


Guest: Alexis Morris
Essential Oil Teacher 

Essential Oil Solutions 

Alexis is a mama, a wife, and a Registered Veterinary Technician by day, and an essential oil guru by night. 

She guides, teaches, and empowers mamas on how to safely and effectively use plant-based medicine to help protect and heal themselves and their families. Alexis empowers moms with essential oil solutions that are easy and powerful.  She strives to guide other mamas on how to balance taking care of their families naturally while focusing on self-care.

*This video does not replace the advice given by your doctor. Please talk to your doctor before using Essential Oils on you or someone else.

 Connect with Alexis HERE and create your own Essential Oil Blend.


Guest: Miho Hatanaka, RDN 
Mind-Body Eating Coach

Mindful Eating

Miho is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Mind Body Eating Coach. She guides people with stress and emotional eating habits who are not feeling comfortable in their own skin and helps them break free from their diet prison! Miho helps busy professionals who struggle to eat right using her mindful eating strategy.

Connect with Miho HERE and also on her IG @mindfulmiho.

Guest: Sabrina Elizabeth 
Vaginal Steam Facilitator

Vaginal “Yoni” Health

Sabrina is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Vaginal Steam Facilitator based in Wisconsin. After going through her own journey of fertility issues, menstrual cycle issues and postpartum anxiety, she decided to further her studies in women’s health so that she could help others witness their own healing naturally as she did. Her in-person and online practice is dedicated to women’s health, specifically menstrual and postpartum wellness. She offers Vaginal Steam consultation services as well as education both in-person and online. Sabrina believes that the health and happiness of women has great potential to heal the world, which lights up her passion for serving women!

Take the opportunity to engage with Sabrina @sabrina.womb. Be sure to check out her beautiful herbal remedies and travel chair for steaming! Click HERE to learn more!

Guest: CéShaun Hankins, LCSW
Psychotherapist & Coach

Combating Parental Burnout

CéShaun is a psychotherapist, life and career coach, and consultant with a passion for working with wellness providers, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and creative people. She helps her clients establish their holistic wellness (or self-care) to experience balance, help prevent burnout and build a “reservoir of resilience”. Her work also includes guidance around clarity of purpose, getting in touch with the authentic self, mindset shifts, and daily practical mindfulness practices.

Take the opportunity to engage with CéShaun. Connect to her Instagram @Cultivatedhealer. 

Guest: Krissie Lenahan, Family Detox Coach
Owner of Live Pure Mama

Toxic Free Living For Your Family

Krissie is a local high school health teacher, wife, mom, Chapter Leader with The MOB Nation, and dedicated business owner of Live Pure Mama. She is passionate about helping families move toward non-toxic living through her workshops, detox services and active free Facebook group..

Take the opportunity to engage with Krissie. Click HERE to check out Krissie's Non-Toxic Momma's VIP Club to learn more about toxic free living! Krissie also offers free Spa Hours (in-home Organic Facials) as well as Detox Coaching for your family. Learn more HERE.

Guest: Kevi Keenom, LAc MAcOM
Owner of Wildfire Family Clinic

Acupuncture For Parents & Children 

Kevi Keenom is a Licensed Acupuncturist. As a board-certified medical Chinese herbalist, Kevi incorporates herbal formulas in addition to acupuncture. She also specializes in electro-stimulation acupuncture, Tuina massage, and gentle styles appropriate for treating children such as Shonishin.

Click HERE to connect with Kevi and her team!

Guest: Paul Dougliss, M.D.
Academic Dean + Author

Meditation For The Busy Parent

Don’t miss out on this rich content. Dr. Paul and I discussed the importance of heart-based meditation, how he developed it, and how it truly brings a sense of peace to your daily life in such generous and beautiful ways. It also gives you energy!

Take the opportunity to engage with Dr. Paul and receive first-hand training on how to practice Heart-Based Mediation. This is a free two day, one hour per day, course. Donations are accepted.
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