What Is A Dosha?

What Is A Dosha?  Ayurvedic Doshas (Vata, Kapha, Pitta) are composed of the elements and represent your constitution or the biological forces that govern the body. Everything you see, touch, taste, hear, and smell have qualities that relate to a Dosha. Each and every...

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Ayurvedic History

Ayurvedic History  For some of you, the word Ayurveda [ah-yer-VEY-duh] and its concepts are new. You might have heard a yoga teacher mention something about it, or perhaps a friend has been challenged with health problems and has turned to this ancient wisdom....

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In the Moment Digestive Care

My Journey    If you were to ask me two years ago “How is your digestion?” I would have sat you down and proceeded to let you know exactly how my digestion was doing... or should I say not doing. Painful, stomach aches during and after every meal, bloating,...

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A Sleep Routine that Works

How Doshic Imbalances Play A Role In Your Sleep We find strength and vitality when we become aware of the subtle changes that occur in our bodies when we heal from a place of wholeness. To me, this is Ayurveda. When working towards balanced health it is very important...

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4 Time Saving Tools for Your Kitchen

Your Kitchen Is A Temple During an appointment, we may talk about an internal purification as targeting your digestion, sleep and/or menstrual cycle, etc, but there are also many other ways to purify, ranging from cell phone cleanses to Ayurvedic Panchakarma. For now,...

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4 Tools to Reboot Your Digestive Tract!

​Toxic Digestion Our intestinal microflora lives on the first half-inch of our intestinal skin. This skin is miles long offering a huge amount of space for over 200 different species of microbes. These microbes react to exactly what we are thinking about, feeling and...

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