Alexandra Greenberg

Owner Of GreenTree Ayurveda
Integrative Holistic Health Coach
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pilates & Yoga Instructor

I have long been passionate about the importance of balancing the body, mind, and heart as well as helping others, even before I knew “what I wanted to do with my life!”  Even as a young child, I enjoyed supporting my family and friends. In many ways, I’ve worn the “coach hat” most of my life.

My love of creativity and helping others drew me in at the beginning of my career in 2008 to become a licensed Cosmetologist. As you can tell, I still have a huge love of expressing authenticity and creativity through hair!

For the next five years, I not only styled hair, but became a shoulder to cry on and someone to open up to and trust. It was clear to me that although I loved working behind the chair, there was only so much I could do to help my clients and friends in my position as a stylist.  As much as I loved this work, it didn’t feel like it was a complete expression of what I was really passionate about and the person I was becoming.

In 2014, my mother passed away and It was through my mother’s death that my journey led me towards a definitive role as a teacher, guide, and integrative coach.

My mother grew up challenged by Fibromyalgia, Depression, and an accumulation of what eventually caused her to take her life, Stress. My mother, although beautifully resilient in so many ways, did not have the Self-Compassion, Self-care system, and Self-esteem to build a strong foundation of health to pursue her goals and dreams. Since her passing, I am thirsty to help parents truly connect to themselves and live richer, energetic, and fuller lives.

I also have another passion, dance, and for the last 30 years, I have creatively expressed myself through movement. I was drawn to become a certified Pilates instructor in 2015.  I wanted to teach and empower change from the inside out. However, I quickly realized I had to go even deeper and developed an appreciation and belief that the body and mind work together and can not be separated.

This desire lead me to become a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner under Paul Dugliss, M.D. Founder of New World Ayurveda. It was here I acquired the tools to combine the importance of harmony between the body and mind, as well as the spirit which I also call heart. I continue to build and layer onto my understanding that true change and rejuvenation happens on the deepest and subtle level of ourselves.

And as a lifelong learner, in 2017 I also became a certified Yoga Alliance Instructor. This has furthered my own practice as well as allowed me to expand the tools I use for my clients.

In August of 2017, I moved my home base from San Diego to Portland, Oregon. GreenTree Ayurveda has roots in San Diego and now I am so happy to dig deep here in Portland as well.

I currently reside on the board of the Non-Profit Organization: Oregon Yoga and Ayurveda Association.  I offer both in person and online programs.


I felt extremely cared for and respected in my body and personhood with Alexandra and would recommend her!

R.Q. // Registered Nurse, New York

It was an amazing journey!

C.R. // Middle School Science Teacher, California

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